Family Covenant

Parents are responsible, according to the Bible, for the education and discipline of their children. Temple Academy serves as a partner with Christian parents as they obey the command of God to train their children in truth. We must, therefore, be in harmony concerning the goals and methods of this training. As a condition to admission and continued enrollment, parents and students must be able to affirm the following statements:

(First Name Last Name)
The parties of this Agreement recognize the principles of Biblical conflict resolution as outlined in I Corinthians, Chapter 6 and Matthew, Chapter 18 and therefore agree that any dispute rising out of or resulting from this Agreement or any interpretation thereof shall be resolved by binding arbitration within the meaning of the Uniform Arbitration Act as enacted in the State of Maine.

We ask that disputes or grievances be dealt with in a Biblical manner according to Matthew 18. We ask that you would not write or post negative remarks or comments about our church, school, school staff, programs or students on any social media websites or any public viewing space. Doing so could jeopardize your student’s enrollment at Temple Academy.

We have read and understand the entire contents of the Parent/Student Handbook and are willing to abide by all the principles stated therein. We understand the student will be subject to dismissal from school for violation of the discipline code in regard to the use of drugs (including tobacco and alcohol), immorality or for possession or distribution of pornography or lewd materials. We also understand that attendance at Temple Academy is a privilege and not a right. We understand that the school may request withdrawal at any time if in the opinion of the school the student does not fit into the spirit of the institution regardless of whether or not he/she conforms to the specific rules and regulations. We understand any non-factual information submitted on this application may lead to the dismissal of the student. It is our prayerful desire to contribute positively to the spirit of Temple Academy and to live a life pleasing to the Lord.
(First Name Last Name)
(First Name Last Name)
*Signature is considered current as long as child(ren) are in attendance, unless revoked in writing or child(ren) leaves Temple Academy.
(First Name Last Name)
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